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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tongan Thanksgiving

Dang it’s already p-day again!  I can’t believe it.  Another Thanksgiving has already come and gone also.  Crazy!  I can remember exactly what I was doing last Thanksgiving in Hilo.  Its weird to think that this much time has already passed.  Sounds like you had a pretty great Thanksgiving though!  I miss family Thanksgivings.  I can’t believe you got a new dog Emmi, that’s nuts haha.  And the pictures that you sent of the new rooms wow, I hardly even recognized those rooms... You’ve sure done a lot to them.  I’ve still never experienced a black Friday yet.  Nobody really talked about black Friday here.. Maybe it was a big deal but I’m not too sure I guess just being on a mission blocks that kind of stuff out.  

This week was pretty dang good.  I’m still loving it here in Honolulu.  Any area that I go to I’m going to love it because I mean come on its Hawaii what’s there not to love?  Elder Mafi is still a beast I love the kid he's super FOB though even though he's about to go home haha.  I’m still a zone leader though, I'll probably be a zone leader for most of my mission because they usually leave leaders in for quite some time unless there is a problem.  I’m alright with that but sometimes it just gets pretty dang stressful and I just really wish I could be a regular missionary sometimes.  Ok so my pad is right by Date Street and Kapiolani, those are the closest streets.  Date and University is another major crossroad.  So yeah, that’s where I stay - it’s on a little road called Laau.  I have to parallel park every time we go back to the pad so by the time I come back home I’m going to be pro at parallel parking.  The work here in Honolulu is way different than anywhere else.  Especially in the Tongan ward.  We rely heavily on the members haha, and man let me tell you the Tongans have no fear at all.  The pisope (bishop) of the Tongan ward got up in sacrament and announced over the pulpit that anyone who has friends that they need to refer them to us, because we need to hit our goal.  Also in ward council he told the auxiliary leaders to get two baptisms each and they all said yes and he was like well remember the answer that you gave because you said "yes" to getting 2 baptisms haha its so crazy!  We have a couple people that we’re trying to work with right now but we don’t have anyone with a date... but no worries it will only be a matter of time before we get someone with a date.  Cool story, so yesterday we got a referral from one of our members and we called the guy up and he wanted to meet with us so we drove all the way to Kalihi which is sort of far but we met him on the street corner and he was Mexican and we started talking with him and his wife and daughter came out and his wife was on a wheel chair because her legs are pretty bad but we were just talking with them for a little bit and they were mentioning to us how they need a place to stay.  So they are kind of homeless right now but they have enough money to buy a studio but they just don’t know where to look so were going to get the ward to help them out.  They wanted to come to church with us but it was their laundry day and they said they really wanted to come next week so we might be able get them which I’m stoked about!!  Thanksgiving wasn’t like last one where I had 3 dinners but I felt like I ate the same amount haha it was a Tongan thanksgiving so there was turkey, tapioca, raw fish, potato salad, ribs and just straight Tongan food it was really good though I was super stuffed!  They feed us really well over here; well they mostly just buy us a bunch of food, or give us money haha.  So yeah Elder Miller is in my zone, I’m actually emailing right next to him as I type.  He's super cool I like him a lot.  So yeah that’s about it for me this week.  Were trying to hit our high water mark for December.  Our goal is 35!  Were going to hit it no doubt! Papi ke mate!

The Honolulu Zone on our temple trip
Well I love you guys so much sorry I don’t have any pictures to send this week but I’ll send some for sure next week.  Hope all of you have a great week!  Love you the most!

Elder Gardner

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