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Monday, December 3, 2012

Deck the Font December

Holy cow, December?  It’s unreal I can remember exactly what I was doing last Christmas and where I was.  Everyone is right; once you get past your year mark time goes by super fast.  I think its because I’m starting to get the hang of things and I think also when your in leadership you forget about time because you only know about what companion reports, district meetings, District Leader Training Meetings, and exchanges are haha.  Honestly, just send me granola for Christmas and I would be perfectly happy with that.  I don’t need anything really.  If you could get me a couple baptisms that would be good too haha.   Na, everything is all G!  Thanks for the pictures you sent, man Jojo is massive, it’s crazy to think that when I saw her last she was pooping in that kennel that was in our family room.  Sam and Ben are also growing a lot and maturing as well.  Its all going to be so exciting to see when I get back.

So this week was pretty good - busy, but good.  The city is still good, super busy as usual.  I love this zone a lot.  I love the missionaries in this zone.  Right now this zone has 17 with a baptismal date and our goal is 35.  We'll get it!  Deck the font December baby!  Our apartment is pretty good - super average though.  It’s on the first floor.   We are still trying to find some investigators with dates for our area.  Things are about to explode I can feel it!  So, I don’t know if I told you about that guy Antonio and his family that were kind of homeless that we were trying to teach?  Well they ended up coming to church on Sunday.  They don’t speak Tongan because Antonio is from Mexico and his wife is from California.  I was kind of worried that they wouldn’t enjoy it that much because they couldn’t understand, but I guess they really liked it, which is good.  Antonio loved it, but his wife kind of seemed a little hesitant.  Anyways the bishop called them in his office after sacrament meeting and I guess bishop asked them to get baptized this Friday!  haha gotta love the Tongan style.  So hopefully this Friday we should have two baptisms.  We are still working with a couple other people as well and were working really hard with the members to get us referrals because that is the only way in the Tongan ward because its so spread out.  Oh yeah, the reason I’m writing you today is because we had Zone Leader Conference yesterday so today is our p-day.  Funny story - so Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Miller (the guy from Mesa in Bree’s ward).  We had to run some errands in the morning so our morning was kind of shot so we kind of started lunch a little early.  By the time we got done eating we still had quite a bit of time so we wanted to go to get some Mochi ice cream (which is super bomb btw) at a store called Bubbies.  There is a Bubbies close by our pad and we were trying to search for it and we just couldn’t find it so we decide to type the place in to our GPS.  Well, it ends up taking us out to the Bubbies all the way in Hawaii Kai.  So we get in there and it’s only us and one other girl.  So we get our ice cream and sit down and all of the sudden we hear, "are you Mormons?"  We turn around and it’s the girl asking us the question.  So we say “No Mormon died like 400 AD”... haha jk no we didn’t say that, we said yes and asked her if she had talked to missionaries before and she said no.  She mentioned that she had heard some stuff about our religion and she asked what we believed and stuff, so we briefly told her what we believe and then she asked us this question, "So what’s the purpose of life?"  Well we answered that question too.  Come to find out she is Hari Krishna or however you spell that.  She asked us if we wear magic underwear haha so that was kind of weird to answer but she was mostly just curious about our religion not so much interested, but we gave her a card and told her to go to our website.  I honestly think that’s the reason why we went all the way out to that Bubbies that day.  Who knows maybe somewhere down the road she will remember that time at Bubbies.

Sounds like everything is going good back home though, except for the possibility of another surgery for Sam.  Well if he does end up getting another surgery at least the recovery is only 2 weeks.  That’s pretty good!  With Sam it will probably only take a couple days haha.  I can’t wait to be able to call home on Christmas that will be awesome!  Well that’s about it for me this week hopefully I'll be able to report some baptisms to you soon.  I’m kind of on a dry spell right now.  Honestly, I think it’s starting to click.  I feel I can truly say I’m focused on baptizing.  That’s really all I want to do is to just bring others unto Christ.  Yeah, I still think about others things here and there but that doesn’t stand in the way.  Bapi ke mate!  Love you the most.

Elder Gardner 

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