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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

Honolulu Zone...Kind of a Big Deal!


Yeah, it was super nice talking to you last week on Christmas.  Man, when I start talking to all of you its like I never even left home haha its crazy! Lucky all of you are in St. G.  I miss that place like a banshee.  Hopefully there is still a possibility of having that Lake Powell trip when I get home?  It was nice to hear from all the girls haha cant wait to reunite again and mega freaking chill!  It was crazy so last night while we were up in the office doing numbers Elder Menlove... well I guess I should just say Menlove came up and visited.  I don’t know if I told him about you but he was my zone leader in Laie and he finished in August but he’s back with his family visiting.  He helped me a lot when I was in that zone.  Anyways he came up and I got to talk to him, man I miss that kid a ton.  He is already done with one semester of school.  I was thinking about it and that’s going to be me pretty soon!  He says he hates school and he misses the mission so much.  I know that’s how its going to be for me too. 
Honolulu - Am I going to miss this?  YES!
 This week was crazy!  So I don’t know if you already know but our zone is about to hit the high water mark again, for the 5th time this year!  We’re on the verge of 31 baptisms for the month of December plus our mission is about to hit the high water mark for the year, which is 1106 baptisms!  The last time this mission got that much was in the early 1900's I believe, and we’re about to break that record!  Heck yeah!  Elder Mafi and I had a baptism this past week so that will be 4 baptisms for us in the month of Dec.  We baptized this Chuukese woman named Sinti, her husband works with Pisope and he was baptized earlier this year so he wanted his wife to be baptized so it was pretty cool.  
This is Sinti at her baptism
Our zone is on fire right now its awesome!  I’m stoked to be serving with all these missionaries they are honestly the cream of the crop... well minus one or two but you always get those couple of knuckleheads in your zone.  I love everyone that I’m serving with, that’s what makes the mission a lot of fun.  
Hike we took last P-Day
Christmas was good, but it still doesn’t feel like Christmas because of the climate and I’m not used to having an 80 degree Christmas morning.  Thanks again for all the presents, I don’t know how I’m going to listen to all those John Bytheway talks because Grandma Donna sent me the John Bytheway collection #2 haha so now I have like 20 hours of John, nice! 
Our Christmas breakfast feast!
We went on a pretty sick hike this morning to Diamond head it had some pretty great views, I’ll try to get some pictures headed your way so you can see.  Not too much happened this week honestly except for our Baptism and bunch of running errands and a bunch of baptism interviews that’s pretty much what our week consisted of.  Oh yeah, so yesterday in the singles branch I saw Brandi and it looked like she was going through a hard time or something when she saw me, like she was crying and stuff, so she went off and then came back and asked me to give her a blessing.  So this week was pretty good, I’m stoked to hit the high water mark though it’s going to be awesome!
Hike that we did for P-Day today - Yes, those are all houses!
 So, what’s the plan for new years?  I think the zone is just going to chill at the tabernacle.  I just bought a glow in the dark Frisbee so we can all play that tonight.  I want to see a picture of Sam’s new car.  You should send me a picture of it.  Hope all continues to go well back at home and enjoy the rest of the holiday:)  Love you the most!

Elder Gardner

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