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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, December 17, 2012

No, You're Wrong Colonel Sanders...

Look-out point that we went to on our last p-day
Wow, another p-day is here and in one week its Christmas and I also get to talk to all of you.  I’m super stoked!  The last time I talked with you was like 7 months ago and that was the long stretch of time.  Sounds like everything is going good and cold over there back home.  Honestly it doesn’t feel too much like Christmas over here in Hawaii.  Probably because of the tropical climate.  It has been raining a lot though.  I got your package!  Thank you so much that was awesome!  I pretty much ate all the cookies on the day I got it haha.  That 12 ways of Christmas is awesome, I look forward to reading a new on everyday.  Where did you come up with that?  There should be a Christmas package coming your way pretty soon with some cool Hawaiian gear.  I haven’t sent it yet but I’ll send it really soon.  So Tomorrow is transfers, I’m staying obviously but its crazy that its already transfers again.  I think most of the zone is staying but there will be a couple changes.  Elder Mafi and I might be getting the singles branch, but we'll see. 
Elder Mafi, the Tongan teddy bear...
A perfect shirt for a missionary, don't you think?
 So this week was pretty awesome.  Last Monday for p-day we spent the day at a members house in Kahala which is a super rich area in our zone.  We bbq some steak, and played some rugby at their 35 million dollar home haha, that’s just a little bit of money.  Then I left early with the UH branch missionaries to go to Aygee’s baptism.  Remember the girl that Elder Bowlby and I were working with in Laie?  I got to see her baptized!  That was super cool, seeing her be able to get baptized and coming to this zone at the perfect time.  Sweet!  Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Hayward that was pretty fun.  I always like going out with him because we can always talk about the MTC and stuff.  Plus he is one of my good friends out here on the mission.  Wednesday, we went on another exchange except I stayed in our area and went with Elder King.  That was super fun.  So quick story about that exchange:  So we received a referral from the visitor’s center and we decided to go see it.  Well, the referral was in this low income housing called Mayor Rights and it turns out that the referral was just a less active member.  So we didn’t go plus it wasn’t in our area so as we were walking back to our car this guy across the street in his car stops us.  He tells us to come over to his car and he asks us if we know any other missionaries in this mission.  We tell him yeah we know most of the missionaries.  Well, it turns out his younger brother is serving in this mission.  By the way he is Polynesian, and he tells us to tell his brother to give him a call, so were like sure.  Then he asks us if we have eaten lunch already and we said yes we just barely ate.  Well he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the biggest wad of cash I have ever seen in my life!  It was probably 5 in. thick and mostly hundreds.  He gives us a hundred and tells us to go get some food hahah.  Gotta love polys! 

So my comp Elder Mafi did something super nice.  On Thursday he told me he had to go with another missionary for a little while so I was like shoots go ahead.  Well they come back and I was like where did you go?  They wouldn’t tell me so I was like whatever your just being dumb.  Then he takes out a brand new Tongan rugby shirt and gives it to me for a present.  Its super cool!  Its kind of big but he said for me to have my mom make it fit better because she is good at sewing haha. 

Well on Sunday we got 2 of the 3 confirmed!  Just one more to go whoo hoo!  Honestly though, I don’t think they should've gotten baptized but I couldn’t really do anything about it.  I'll explain the whole thing to you when we talk on the phone.  I’m just going to say that I didn’t feel good about it.  We’re looking pretty good as a zone right now, we will probably hit in the 20's for baptisms this month which is awesome!  Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you this story: so Saturday and Sunday we had the Honolulu Christmas concert at the tabernacle.  The missionaries were the ones that were the ushers and a bunch of people showed up.  I'll just tell you right now, if we come next year to Hawaii around Christmas time the Christmas concert is a must!  It’s free and the Church puts it on.  So there were a bunch of members and non-members and on Saturday I got called on to give the opening prayer in front of everyone!  It was nuts!  There were tons of people there.  But it was a cool experience. 

That’s awesome for Easton’s mission call to Peru!  He's going to be a solid missionary.  I got a letter from the Sargents and I was reading Joey’s letter and he'll probably be leaving on his mission in June/July.  Wow, sometimes I feel that since I’ve been on my mission that I’ve pretty much stayed the same but everyone else around me is growing up, especially my brothers and cousins, I don’t know how to explain it but its weird.  I’m trying my hardest to not get trunky.  I'll be honest there are times were I am and I get lazy sometimes but I’m trying to finish strong, because my call letter states ill be serving for 24 months not 22 or 23.  Well that’s about it for me this week.  I can’t wait to talk it up on the phone next week!  Heck ya!  Well, love you the most.  Laterzz.

Elder Gardner

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