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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, December 10, 2012

White Christmas

Dang another week come and gone haha, man that’s nuts!  Your right dad, December always seemed so slow but now it feels like it’s a weeklong or something.  Hey just a couple more weeks than I can talk to you guys on the phone!  Heck ya!  Seems like everyone is doing good in lakehizzle.  Every time someone asks where I’m from I say Arizona, and they always ask "oh what part"  I already know in my head that they wont know where I live so I say "Lakeside" and they’re like "Oh, is that by Mesa?"  I just say yeah its by there.  I’m stoked to get your package, Elder Mafi has already gotten 2 packages and he is stoked because last year he didn’t get anything because his family doesn’t send him stuff because its way to expensive and long to send something from Tonga.  Yeah, sorry my emails have been shorter lately – I don’t know, I think its just because of the area I’m in.  It seems like my p-days don’t exist here because we are always doing something.  We either email at the library, which is timed, or the Mac store, which is busy, and we can’t upload pictures, or the mission office where its not timed and it takes ages to upload pictures.  I just feel like the days are starting to blend together and everything is moving so fast.  Its crazy!

This week was pretty legit!  So as you already know we had Zone Leader Conference on Monday, which was good, so Tuesday was our p-day - well half a p-day.  Wednesday was pretty normal, we tried to get some work done but we always end up running errands for the zone or giving blessings.  I swear this zone should be called the Hospital zone because we have 3 major hospitals in our zone so we’re constantly getting calls to go and give blessings.  We got like 6 calls last week, gosh that’s like a blessing a day!  Some days we gave two in one day, the bad thing about it is the parking... Parking is the biggest joke here in Honolulu, its outrageous!  Every time we go to the hospital we have to pay to park... it ridiculous!  Thursday was awesome we had our presidents interviews and Christmas celebration.  Honolulu west zone was combined with us.  We did our musical chimes that we do every Christmas, and our zone put on a really cool skit that we did for president and sister Dalton.  It was tight!  Then while president was interviewing people we got to watch the Other Side of Heaven.  I forgot how great that movie was!  I can actually relate to it now and it makes A LOT more sense!  My interview with President went really good he told me a lot of things I needed to hear.  So that was pretty much Thursday.  Friday was nuts!  We started the day off with District Leader Training Meeting and after that we had to go on splits with other elders because I had to go take our car into Firestone and Mafi had to go with one of the district leaders to go give an interview for our baptism.  Let me just tell you about the Tongan style of doing missionary work. They will baptize anyone into their ward, it doesn’t matter if their Tongan or not, or if its in a different zone they will still baptize them. It doesn’t even matter to them if they are married, living the Word of Wisdom, or the Law of Chastity, or if they have been to church more than 3 times they will baptize them no matter what, so we have been working with some people to try and get them baptized. Well, the bishop wanted them all baptized on the same day so on Friday 3 of our investigators got baptized!  
Here is Antonio and Darleen that were baptized on Friday
This is Tani that was also baptized Friday
Heck yeah, I know I was stoked! Well they should have gotten confirmed after they were baptized but they were going to do it on Sunday.  Guess what all three of them didn’t show up to church... so none of them have the Holy Ghost, and they are all wandering around without the light... Crud.  This has never happened to me before on my mission.  I think it was just a big miscommunication with the fellowship.  The fellowship called them and they said they were going to make it on Sunday, but I think he thought they were going to come by themselves, but they actually needed a ride.  So yeah that’s my crazy story for the week.  3 baptized 0 confirmed.  That’s the most baptisms I’ve ever had in one day though!  After the baptism we had our Tongan Christmas party.  Let me tell you Tongans know how to party!  I had a lot of fun.  There is a lot of music that has come out since I’ve been gone, I don’t know any of the new music.  I feel like a lost puppy haha.
This is the Tongan Christmas party
Well, Everything is fine here in Honolulu.  I absolutely love it here.  I was just thinking the other day that I honestly couldn’t be happier with where I’m at and with the people I’m serving with.  It’s awesome.  All I want to do is baptize and build the kingdom of God here in this part of the vineyard.  No need to worry about me everything is good.  Before you know it I'll be home.  Just think back to last Christmas, I can remember exactly what I was doing and where I called you from and how much time I still had left on my mission.  I absolutely love my companion.  He is the greatest guy ever.  I'll tell you more about him when we call.  Hope everything goes well this week with surgeries, basketball, school, and everything else.  Love you all so much, hope you know that.  Laterzz

Elder Gardner 

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