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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Dang another week has come and gone.  Its really weird when your in the middle of it the days seem like they take a really long time but at the end of the week your like "Dang, its already Saturday!"  Sorry I didn’t email yesterday I got super busy again, plus it was MLK day so the library and the office weren’t open.  I went on two hikes yesterday, both of them were super cool!  I’ll try and send some pictures but this computer is super slow so there might not be that many.  One of the hikes was called koko head, but it should really be called Stairmaster Extreme 6000 Death!  It was an old sulfur mine cart track that leads up to the top of this mountain so we were climbing up railroad ties the whole time.  I almost threw up... I was bent over halfway up just trying to soak up the fresh air haha I’m sure you could picture that dad.  One of the other missionaries and me compared that hike to life and the gospel it was actually a pretty sick comparison, maybe I’ll use it in my homecoming talk?  Sounds like everyone is doing great.  That’s good that Sam is starting to switch over to Tylenol.  Before we know it he’s going to be teeing up on the first hole with no neck brace.  Good to hear that Jojo is getting better as well that would be sad to not be able to come back to her...  Sounds like surgeries are going good.  Going to travel to Florida huh, to get that certification?  That’s pretty sweet! 
Nothing special about this pic, just an interesting graffiti hole in the ground.
Well I have to say that this week was a lot better!  It all pretty much started on Friday with District Leader Training Meeting.  I know that it was definitely inspired for the training that we gave.  First, we accounted and stuff and went over all the names with dates that we have, and the mood was kind of down, but I had printed off a couple of copies of a short talk by M. Russell Ballard that I had from a training I received in Laie.  I felt like we needed to read this talk with the district leaders.  I think the talk was entitled How to Create Success.  Well, that was exactly what everyone needed!  It gave us that boost we have all been waiting for since we hit our high water mark in December.  After reading that talk we came up with some ideas on how we can get the work moving again, so we set up a zone flood for Saturday.  A zone flood is pretty much everyone in the zone gets together and we pick a neighborhood and then pretty much just flood the place out by tracting.  So that’s what we did on Saturday for and hour and we found some success and I think it got everyone excited as well.  So maybe we'll try and do that every Saturday.  Man, I just know that Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers.  Sunday was also really good.  I’m so grateful that we have the singles branch now, because I love covering singles branches.  Plus it’s like an escape for covering the Tongan Ward haha jk, but seriously.  So maybe I told you about that black guy named Daniel?  Well he came to church again on Sunday and I was able to talk to him, man he is sooo solid!  He was saying how much he loves coming to Church and how good he feels when he is here.  He said that he felt so good the first time that he came so he wanted to come again to see if it would happen again and it did!  He also said that he couldn’t believe how he had never known about this church and the singles branch and that if he does the things that they say in church to do, then his weeks end up sooo much better!  I found out that he is a legit drummer in a band over here and he said he was looking for some Mormon members to be in his band because they are better than other people haha.  We have a lesson with him today so I'll be able to report back to you how it went next week.  Things are starting to look up in the branch and people are starting to come out of the woodwork.  The Tongan ward is still the same, but actually we have a baptism coming up next week and I was pretty impressed because instead of just baptizing the guy like we usually do, Pisope wanted us to teach him all the lessons and have him come to church!  So that’s a good sign.  So yeah, that’s about all that happened this week that was good. 
An scary look at a railroad track.  This is totally a Disneyland ride!  Scary.
So with all the missionaries starting to come in, President Dalton said that by the end of the first quarter the missionary force would jump up to around 75,000 and by December of 2013 it would go up to 95,000!  Pretty crazy huh?  The new 18-year-old missionaries start coming in next transfer, which I believe is Feb. 6th.  I think that all Missions in North America have to have 250 missionaries now.  Some only have 100 now so that would be pretty tough on those mission Presidents.  I’m Glad I’m not one haha.  I’m almost at my 17 Month mark!  Crazy! 

Well I love you all so much and Hope you all have a bomb week!  Laterzz

Elder Gardner

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