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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Honlulu Zone and Mission - History Has Been Made!

Wow, can you believe it’s 2013? What the heck!  I can now officially say that I go home this year haha.  Thanks for the emails and the pictures I loved the pictures.  First of all ­- a new truck?  Wow, all I can say is wow!  That’s pretty awesome and caught me by surprise for sure!  That’s cool though.  I bet your stoked dad to have a new Tundra in the driveway.  Lookin’ good!  How much did it cost?  The bug is pretty cool too, so like what exactly is wrong with it?  Does it not run?  Jojo is huge!  How much does she weigh now?  80?  haha man, Sam’s group is so old now, I could barley recognize some of them, just in the year and a half or so I’ve been gone they have grown a lot!  Nuts!  That would be the coolest to take over the Matrix when I get back!  Hopefully, Sam doesn’t wreck it!  Sounds like everyone and everything is going good back at home though.  Getting ready for Sam’s surgery on Wednesday and stuff.  I also feel pretty good about this surgery and that things will go smoothly and well.  I don’t think I'll be able to recognize our home when I come back because there will be so many new changes and new things. 

So this week was pretty sick.  So New Year’s was really good.  Monday was our p-day but we were so busy trying to get ready for the baptisms on Monday so we could get our high water mark.  So before Monday we were standing at 25 baptisms for the month, we needed 6 more to reach our high water mark.  By the time Sunday rolled around we had 3 more with a date and a potential 3 more.  Well, Monday rolled around and we had 6 people with a date for that same day.  I was confident that we were going to hit it - no doubt in my mind.  Well, long story short, we ended up with 8 baptisms on Monday!  Elder Mafi and I had 2 baptisms and McCully had 6 so we crushed our high water mark ending the month of December with 33 baptisms!!!  Heck yeah!  That’s the most baptisms ever in any zone in this mission in one month’s time, and our zone did it!  That was an amazing moment in my life to reach that.  Plus, our mission hit the high water mark also with 1109 baptisms for the year 2012.  That’s the most baptisms to our knowledge in this mission’s history since 1850!  How crazy is that?  What a year!  So that was probably the highlight of the week.  
This is our 2 baptisms: l to r - Me, Elder Mafi, Altria, Kekite, Bishop Vaka's wife, Bishop Vaka
The rest of the week was pretty slow.  Not to much happened and to be honest I think everyone in this zone cut back a little this week because we worked so hard this past month that we were just exhausted and we wrung out our areas haha, but we’re going to get back to work this week because we cant slack in January.  Thursday and Friday we gave blessings to these newborn babies that got sick and were in ICU.  It was a cool experience because there can only be two people in the room so it was just me and my companion and we had to dress up in all these robe things and wear masks and gloves so it was pretty intense.  I love little newborn babies and it was such a neat experience to be able to bless them to get better.  It just made me realize how important life is and how thankful I am for my life and for my health.  Saturday we pretty much spent all day doing service for this guy that wasn’t even in our ward.  We had to help him move out of his apartment in Waikiki and move him all the way on the other side of the island to Ewa Beach, in this military community in the middle of nowhere!  It was really weird, but it’s always good to help someone out and the feeling you get afterwards is one that you won’t ever regret.  Sunday was kind of crazy.  Since we now cover the Singles Branch we have to try and make it to both of our wards.  Well, the first Sunday will always be crazy because both the branch and the ward have ward council.  Here’s my opinion of ward council:  I never have liked ward council; I don’t think I ever will.  I understand why they have it and why it’s important, but it’s never done right so I never like being in there.  That’s my opinion.  But anyways, Elder Mafi had to go to the Tongan ward with another missionary and I went to the Singles Branch with another missionary.  It was actually a good meeting.  There was this non- member black dude that came named David and we got to talking with him.  He’s from North Carolina and he's Baptist.  Well, he said that he found out about our church through a Mormon ad on the Internet - I think!  I was like dang!  That actually works!  Who would have thought?!  Haha,  but he mentioned to us how he loves the feeling he gets when he comes here and the people are always so nice and happy.  He told us this is going to be his next church!  So we’re going to try and set up some lessons to teach him and then baptize him!  Finally, a solid investigator that we might have, YES!  Brandi was there again today but it really wasn’t that weird being around her.  She came up and said hi and we talked for a little then she went and sat down by her friends like it was nothing, so it’s actually not that weird.  I think she might have a boyfriend in there haha.  That was crazy running into the Frehners, I recognize the dad but not really the others but yeah its weird how many people I run into here that I know, I never thought I would run into anyone during my mission.  Yeah that’s pretty much my week for you.
Kent Frehner and myself - It's always fun to run into people I know.
 Well looks like you got a big week ahead of you.  I pray that everything will go well and that everyone will be ok.  Mom, you don’t really need to get me any shirts, I think that I can last without them, but if you want you can go to Deseret Book and get me some books or something like the books that apostles write like the one that Grandma Dede gave me.  I really like reading those books.  Sam, good luck with the surgery I know you'll do great!  Ben, hang in there and stay strong bro, and keep doing good with school.  Dad have fun with your new truck, I know you will, you lucky dog!  Hal and Emmi - do work son, love you guys.  Love you all the most.

Elder Gardner

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