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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Therefore, What?

Hello family,

Sorry that I’m emailing so late.  Yesterday we were super busy because we were doing service most of the day at the Sony Open.  I'll explain it later.  
This is the course where they held the Sony Open and we were able to do some service there:
Free visors, shirts and breakfast - Nice!
So yeah, I didn’t really have too much time to email yesterday and then this morning we were super busy because Elder Mafi and I had to go and check all the smoke detectors in all the missionaries apartments plus we had a lesson with one of our investigators Exxon who has a baptism date for the 26th.  So now its 3:00pm and I’m just barely getting to my email, but all is good.  Wow, what a week for you guys though, especially Sam’s surgery.  I’m very glad to hear that everything went very smoothly.  I have been thinking about that a lot this past week and hoping and praying that everything would be all right.  Sounds like it will be ok even though Sam will look like a storm trooper for a little bit.  haha tight!

Well this week has been pretty crazy.  I don’t even know where to start.  I guess I can start with last p-day.  So last p-day we ended up going to the Honolulu Zoo.  That was actually pretty sweet, not going to lie.  It was a smaller zoo but still pretty sweet.  
At the Honolulu Zoo...
Tuesday was cool, we had district meeting and all that good stuff.  We also had a lesson planned with this girl named Ashley.  She was a former investigator in our Singles Branch area book, so one day I gave her a call and we set up an appointment for last Tuesday.  It was kind of a weird lesson.  She had met with missionaries in the past and really liked them.  The missionaries even helped her stop smoking and she said that was the happiest that she has been her whole life when she was meeting with the missionaries.  Then, she moved away to big island for a while and she said that while she was out there she found out more about her own religion (she’s a Christian).  She loves the Mormon Church and she loves the principles that are taught and she knows the Book of Mormon is true but she just won’t join.  In fact, she said that studying the Mormon religion has helped her grow closer to her own religion... I don’t quite understand that?  We are still working with her and trying to help her really find out for herself.  It was funny though, so last Friday she wanted to go to lunch with us and she invited us to this place called Kenny's, and thinking she was going to pay because she invited us, well she didn’t pay so it was kind of awkward… Oh well haha.  The rest of the week we had exchanges and stuff and not really too much happened.  Its been really hard these past couple weeks especially since we hit our high water mark.  It seems like everyone has gone a little downhill, and the drive isn’t completely there, even for me.  Plus, being in the Tongan ward isn’t quite the easiest ward to serve in. It’s just been pretty hard lately, but that’s where my title for this email comes in, those two words, "Therefore, what?"  I know we all have hard times on the mission, and this has honestly been the hardest 3 months of my mission.  We even have hard times in our life like Sam and all his surgeries, or Mom having to work, or dad when you got laid off.  I've asked myself these two words many times, Therefore, what?  What am I going to do about my situation?  Am I going to sit here and let it ruin the rest of my mission or my life or am I going to get up and do something about it no matter what the circumstances are?  Therefore, what am I going to do to change my attitude?  Am I going to complain when things get a little difficult or some things get uncomfortable or inconvenient?  I’ve asked myself this a lot and it actually has helped me many times.  Things will get better eventually, I know they will.  I have so many things to be grateful for.  But yeah, those are just some of the things that have been on my mind this week.  Transfers are coming up in about 3 weeks I have no idea if I will stay or go, it could be either.  If I stay with Elder Mafi one more transfer then I will be his last companion before he goes home.  Then I'll have to stay one more transfer after that to train another zone leader that comes in.  If that happens then I'll only have 4 months left at the end of all that.  Pretty crazy huh?  But I have no idea what will happen.  Oh yeah, so about the Sony Open: we helped the Makiki Ward do some service at the Sony Open which is part of the PGA tour.  We just helped take all the stuff down like chairs and tables and stuff so it was pretty cool, I didn’t mind it because we got breakfast, lunch and a free visor and Shirt.  A lot of the missionaries were complaining the whole time that their p-day was wasted but we got done by 1:30pm so it wasn’t bad at all!  That bugged me a lot.  Well that’s pretty much it for me.

Hope everything will continue to go well back home.  I’m sure they will.  Man, I hope Jojo gets better!  That sucks that she is feeling that way; I hope nothing is wrong with her.  Dad, I still can’t believe you got a truck, dude that’s nuts.  Hey did you ever get a chance to call BYU I about jumping in 2nd block of fall semester?  Just wondering.  Well love you all the most.  Keep it real. 

Elder Gardner

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