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Monday, January 28, 2013

What it Do?

Fey Hamily,

I’m kind of glad its the end of the month because you’re right mom, January is one of those months where all you can think about is moving on to bigger and better things and those bigger and better things can only happen in February to December haha.  Na, but this week was pretty tight.  A lot of good things happened this week.  Sounds like everything is going good back at home.  Glad to hear that Jojo is doing much better and that your conference in Florida was successful dad.  Always good to hear things are good back at home.  
With members from the singles ward on a hike
More from the singles ward
At Outback Steakhouse celebrating our High Water Mark for December... 
So continuing on about this week, Tuesday was super bomb!  After I emailed, we had a lesson with Ashley which went alright.  Were thinking about dropping her because she's just not progressing and its getting harder to teach her and stuff.  Well after that lesson we had a lesson with Daniel the black dude.  Man that guy is super legit as ever!  We go over there and he is with his friend Eli who introduced him to the church, and he was super stoked to see us.  We started getting to know him a little more and he was a traditional Baptist so he said that was like the hardcore kind.  His family is super musically talented and he's been playing the drums since he was 4.  The way he came to know about the church is through Eli.  He had seen the church before from those old LDS commercials back in the 90's and he always thought it seemed nice.  Well he moved to Hawaii for work or something and he was just going through a hard time until Eli invited him to church, and that’s when it all started.  So we taught him the restoration and it just clicked with him!  We taught him about the Atonement and he loved it he was just soaking it all in.  So we invited him to be baptized on Feb. 16 and he said yes!  He said he would think about it and he would pray to know so he can know its true.  He said he would keep that date engrained in his mind.  He's so solid!  Golden investigator for sure!  So we didn’t have a baptism this past week, it got pushed to this Saturday but instead of baptizing the guy were going to baptize him and his wife so it should be good.  Both of them came to church yesterday, which was really good.  Wednesday was Zone Leader Conference and we went to the temple with all the zone leaders and President and sister Dalton.  That was super cool!  Thursday we had to take our car in so we went with some other elders to do some service at a farm.  The guy that we did service for made us vegan soup... I will never be a vegan haha, that was the weirdest soup I've ever had in my life.  Sunday was super good!  Especially in the singles branch; we set up 2 lessons with some potential investigators so I hope everything will go good with that.  Oh yeah, on Sunday evening we went to a fireside and the guy who made and directed 17 miracles did it.  He kind of just explained some of the miracles and how they made the film and stuff.  Super bomb!  Well that’s about it for me this week.  Solid week I must say.  Well love you all so much!  Have a great week!

Elder Gardner
So Sherif, the guy that got baptized in these pics was a guy that Elder Bowlby and I tracted into in Laie and started Teaching.  Before I left, I committed him to baptism and he said yes!  Well 6 months later it happened! The Church is True!

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