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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

First Kona Baptisms

Wow, another p-day is come and gone.  We are now on week three of this transfer!  This transfer is a 5-week transfer because the transfer dates kind of got messed up back in December.  So, next transfer will go back to 6 weeks like usual, but we are already half way done with this one... Crazy!  Sounds like it was a good week for all of you.  That’s a bummer about Blue Ridge basketball, especially when it is so close like that.  Sounds like Valentines Day was a hit for both Ben and Sam haha.  So Emmi and Hal are going to live in Snowflake permanently?  I thought it was just for a little while.  Sounds fun.  I just got an email from Sterling and he’s doing great.   Yeah, Elder Hanks and all them finished last transfer.  That was super weird because I was pretty close to most of those elders.  You can add Elder Hanks to Facebook if you want I think he knows that I don’t get on. 
Paula's Baptism:  L to R - Elder Tupouniua, Paula, Bro. Hooper, Me 
Well this week was a pretty good one.  We had our baptism on Saturday and that went really good.  We had set the baptism for 5:30 because Paula needed to get off work so we were waiting and waiting and turns out she got off work late so the baptism happened around 6:15.  It was good though, everything worked out and it ended up being really good.  As for the other 2 investigators with a date - one of them will probably get baptized in March.  His name is Nicko and he’s planning on moving to St. George pretty soon but he expressed to us how he wants to be baptized before he moves there.  The other one that we have isn’t so solid so right now were kind of in a finding/rebuilding mode so we can crush March since it’s a 5-week month.  Speaking about baptisms Daniel, the golden investigator from the singles branch, got baptized on Saturday, that was pretty sweet!  I called Elder Mafi and he told me all about it and he said that it was awesome!  That made me feel good.  The ward I serve in is awesome!  The families are so cool and super nice.  I’m so glad that I’m over here in this ward and in this zone.  
Much of Kona has a different look for Hawaii, but it is still pretty...
On Valentines Day we went on a date!  An older lady in our ward named Barbara and her daughter took us out to Outback steakhouse.  The days leading up to Thursday they kept reminding us about our date with the cougars..... haha it was cool though, I had a good time eating ribs and talking about cats.  I’ve been eating a lot of fast-food lately.  There’s like nothing else to eat out here.  I still weigh about the same as last time I told you so no worries. 

For my address, its 73-1192 Loloa Drive, if you’re looking at the house we live on the top floor.  Its a pretty sweet set up we got in there.  And for the best time to come to Hawaii when I come back: well anytime would be good.  If we did come in the winter, there probably is a good possibility that it will rain while we are there.  But in the winter is when the waves are big and all the surfers are out surfing.  Spring break would also be a good time as well.  It probably won’t be as rainy.   
This is a picture that Elder Mortensen just sent me of me and him in the MTC.
 Well hope you all have a fantastic week and I look forward to getting your email next week.  Have fun over there, because if your not having fun then your doing something wrong.  Love you the most.  Shootz

Elder Gardner

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