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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

On the Road Again...

Wow, another week has come and gone and another transfer is in the bag.  So crazy!  I have 7 months left and 5 more transfers.  Unreal.  Sounds like everyone is doing great back at home with golf right around the corner.  Pretty exciting!  Well as you can probably tell from the title of my email... Yes, I’m getting transferred again.  I’m pretty excited, but of course sad at the same time.  It’s always hard to leave an area unless you don’t like it.  Honolulu definitely did me good, and took me for a ride at the same time (Tongan Ward) but I honestly did have a fun time, and I love the zone, and we accomplished a lot together.  I'll definitely miss the singles ward - that was the coolest ward ever!  In just the short transfer I was there I made many friends and found one of my most solid investigators ever, Daniel.  Sad to say that I will not be able to be at his baptism... Somehow, that always seems to happen to me.  I find someone solid and they are about to be baptized but then I leave... where’s the loyalty man?  Its cool though, I’m still going to count it as one of my baptisms.  I’m sure you are excited to hear where I’ll be transferred to?  I’m going back to the Mother land, big island.  Except this time I’ll be on the Kona side instead of the Hilo side.  I’m pretty excited!  I’ve only heard good things about that place and plus I have the biggest pad in the mission!  I’m still a zone leader, and president said the reason I'm going over there is to hit the high water mark.  No pressure right?  So yeah, that’s the news with me.
Honolulu hike in the concrete jungle
A nice overlook point on our hike 
This week was pretty dang good.  We taught Daniel again.  Man, I love that guy he is so solid!  I’m super bummed I wont be there for the baptism... We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he just soaked it in and he loved it!  It made sense to him and he was asking questions the whole time.  We asked him if he was still good for the 16th and he said cutting me off "Oh absolutely!" He said he set 4 calendar dates 4 days before his baptism reminding him to get ready and to not chicken out and stuff haha, super cool!  We had two baptisms on Saturday, which went pretty good.  It was in the Tongan ward, and it was the ones that I was telling you about in the previous email.  
At the baptisms of Ekson and Asamy with Elder Mafi...
So I’ll end my reign in Honolulu with 8 baptisms.  Not too bad, I’m hoping to tear it up in Kona though!  We were able to teach another black guy in the singles branch on Sunday during Sunday School.  I don’t know what’s up with me teaching all these black guys from North Carolina but they keep showing up haha.  He was cool, but he was asking some pretty tough questions about priesthood and stuff.  He was one of those people that believe if they accept Christ into their lives as their Savior then they are automatically saved... We tried to explain it to him but I don’t know how much he understood.  He accepted to pray and read the Book of Mormon, so hopefully it turns out good.  That was pretty much the highlights of my week.
more of the overlook from our hike. 
So I ran into brother Sant.  I think that is his name.  The guy that you saw over Christmas break that used to be in our ward in Utah and now lives in Hawaii.  He was telling me about you guys.  Dude Sam going on a date with a senior chick?  What the!  What was her name?  Was she bomb?  It’s weird how fast time is going. I’m sure I'll have plenty of stuff to tell you next week about Kona.  Mom, I do know what kind of chocolate that is.  I'll try and get some over to you :)  I just bought this new book off of Deseretbook.com its called Increase in Learning by David A Bednar, I’m pretty stoked to start reading it.  Well Love you all the most have a bomb week! 

Elder Gardner

PS.  Grandma Donna if you are reading this.  Sorry I haven’t replied to you in a while.  I am getting all your emails though so don’t worry.  Thank you so much for the John Bytheway cds I love listening to those talks they always help me out a lot and plus I can use them in lessons as well!  Everything is going great over here and thank you so much for all your prayers and support, trust me, it means a lot!  Hopefully I’ll have more to report next week with my new area and stuff, but I love you so much and I hope that you have a great week.

Elder Gardner

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