Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Where Can I Turn for Peace...and Sleep

Yo, what’s up!!

I swear the weeks are getting shorter and shorter.  It seems like yesterday I was emailing you guys.  I have to say that I’m totally cool with missing out on all that snow haha.  Snow is definitely not on the list of "Things I’m excited for when I get back".  Kona is pretty hot, usually like in the 80's.  Carlsbad again?  For real?  Man, I still hope that one of these days in my life I'll be able to make it over there so I can see what all the hype is really about.  Yeah that’s too bad your not going to be at the hospital for spring break... I heard that place was pretty cool.  Speaking about spring break, BYU-I doesn’t have a spring break so yeah the best time would be in the winter or the summer to go to Hawaii.  With winter there’s more of a chance for rain, but more waves to surf.  Summer is nice weather but not so much waves for surfing.  I’m anxious for Sam to get his neck brace off so he can start doing stuff again.  Is he still dating choke girls?  I bet your pretty stoked to have this week off dad, I once considered asking President Dalton for a p-week instead of just a p-day if we hit our high water mark, but he would never allow it haha. 

This week was pretty good!  Elder Tup and I hit the pavement this week.  We worked pretty dang hard.  We were able to talk to a lot of people and set up a lot of lessons, but we didn’t find any new investigators this week.  Kona is definitely a lot slower than what I have been used to.  I still love it here though.  Our ward is sooo sick!  We still have a couple of investigators that we are working with to get a date.  One of them will probably get baptized in March before he moves to St. George.  We typically tract every day unless something else comes up.  We only set aside one-hour window for tracting a day.  I’m sure you heard me say before that tracting is not my favorite thing to do but you just have to go out there and do it at times.  Other than tracting we go and visit less active/part member families, or former investigators.  Friday we had this scout spaghetti dinner and dessert auction.  That was super fun!  We got in for free (benefit of being a missionary) and during the auction the first counselor gave us each 10 bucks so we could bid.  I got the banana cream pie of course because that’s my favorite.  I was surprised how much money people were laying down on baked goods.  It was all going to the scouts but someone dropped 70 bucks on a Chantilly cake!  Saturday was pretty cool we went to Honoka'as baptism and after that we had to make a trip to Hilo to pick up some commissary from the zone leaders.  That was like going down memory lane.  I still remembered everything when I was driving through.  We had some lunch with the zone leaders and then we went and stopped by some of my old members to say hi.  They still remembered me and they were super shocked/excited to see me.  That was really cool!  That’s pretty much all that happened this week.  Not too many cool stories this week just a lot of hard work and no new investigators... I haven’t really been sleeping that well since I’ve been here I don’t know why.  This past week I’ve woken up at the same time every single night and it takes a long time for me to fall back asleep... I’m doing to go get some ear plugs today (you probably know why) to see if that will help. 

Today we had president’s interviews.  That was probably my shortest interview with President my whole mission.  All he asked was how I was doing, how Sam was doing, and he told me to hit the high water mark.  Then I was out of there haha.  I love the guy to death though, I’m with you dad, he’s pretty much like my second dad.  Well, any more updates about FAFSA?  I hope that everything continues to go well back home.  Know that I love each of you and you are constantly in my prayers.  Be good Sam and Ben or I’m going to whoop your butt when I get home haha.  Well have a good week!

Love you the most
Elder Gardner

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