Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

What Did the Farmer Say When He Lost His Tractor?

Where’s my tractor?

Happy Spring Break!  Hope everything is going great, because it’s going good over here.  This week was pretty crazy because I’ve been sick this whole week and a lot of stuff happened which I will go into detail about shortly.  Man, Joey already got his mission call?!?!  That’s soooooooooo sick!  Chile sounds sweet.  Somehow that totally fits him.  I can picture Joey speaking Spanish.  It makes me wonder about Sam and Ben and when they will get their mission calls.  Will they continue the tradition of serving in the states like dad and me, or will one of them get a foreign mission?  I can’t wait for them to get their mission calls, which will be awesome!  Glad to hear its warming up.  It’s still the same temperature here just like it’s always been, never changing haha.  There was a lot of vog this week and that is definitely not good for you.  I think that could be part of the reason I’m still sick, but it’s all good, it won’t last forever... I hope.
At Zone Leader's Conference with President Dalton, me, Elder Makalio, Elder Tup
So yeah, this week was pretty crazy.  As you know I had Zone Leader Conference on Monday and I think that’s where I got sick.  I slept over at the Assistant’s pad and their pad is nasty!  I’m pretty sure there is mold in there because I’m not the only one that’s gotten sick from that pad.  Tuesday was our p-day and I got to skate a little which was fun, I was a little sloppy joe because I haven’t really skated since I was with Elder Mortensen.  
Yeah Booii!  Tearin' it up with Elder Mortensen
Wednesday was pretty normal.  Thursday I tried to rest a little because I was still sick and my companion really wanted to keep working and I don’t really think he understood that I was sick... One thing that was good is we went to the chapel because I heard that Waiehu Ward was going to be there from Maui to go to the temple so we showed up and it was perfect timing because they were all in the gym eating and I got to see all of them again.  They all remembered me and man, that was like the best being able to reunite with them again.  Friday we had zone conference.  That was pretty cool.  I always like zone conference because I get to see a lot of the elders I know and the Assistants and the Mission President and his wife come and we just have a conference the whole day pretty much.  I was sick during that too so I was kind of struggling through it.  It was cool because we had zone conference in Waimea in the same chapel that I had my first zone conference of my mission when I was in Hilo.  So it kind of brought back some memories.  After zone conference we had the office assistants come with us.  Elder Mortensen and Melville.  Both of those elders I came out with.  So they hung out with us the rest of the night and were with us the whole day on Saturday until their flight.  Saturday was good we had our baptism!!  It was really good.
Nico's baptism.  Nico is standing closest to me.
Nico is way solid but it’s kind of sad because he's moving to St. George on the 15th, so I won’t be able to see him again or teach him.  It was a really good baptism though.  It was fun going with the assistants especially Elder Mortensen again. 

So here’s some good news: I was talking to one of the sisters in Hilo that cover Kilauea ward - one of the wards I started in and I was asking about some of the people that Elder Ahotau and I were teaching and they ended up baptizing one of the guys that Elder Ahotau and I tracted into!  And he just barely got the priesthood!!!  How cool is that?  Also, I was talking to Elder La who is in Waiehu, my old area in Maui, and I was asking about Peter the guy that Elder Carrel and I baptized and turns out that he moved to the singles branch and has blessed the sacrament a couple of times in that ward and is thinking about going on a mission!!!  That makes me soooo happy; I love hearing good news like that.  So yeah, that’s pretty much my week.  It was a good one except for being sick... 
Me and Elder J Money, I have no idea why we are kneeling down
Well love you the most and hope you have a good week! 

Elder Gardner

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Second Round in Kona...

Zone Leader Conference in Honolulu
So I had Zone Leader Conference yesterday in Honolulu so that’s why I didn’t email yesterday, but today’s my p-day so it all works out.  I feel like I’ve rode on a plane so many times during my mission, I feel like dad going to Nebraska.  Man, another week has come and gone and I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of March.  I still feel like I have a long time left on my mission and that it won’t end.  Dad, remember how you were telling me that it gets to the point where it feels like all you've ever known is the mission and all you ever will know is the mission?  Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel right now.  Not saying its bad or anything, but it feels like I've been a missionary forever haha.  Thanks for the package by the way!  That was cool.  Every time I get a package it makes me feel good :)  Sounds like everyone is doing well back at home.  Way to go Sam on the golf tournament!  Nice.  I’m glad that you went to the temple Ben, its good to get to that freshwater every once in a while. 
Waiting at the Airport for our Flight
 This week was pretty good actually.  So as you probably know it was transfer week so things get a little crazy, but it turned out to be pretty good and a lot of good stuff happened.  So Tuesday we had to meet up with the Hilo zone leaders to grab some planners from them and on our way back we stopped by the Waimea elder’s pad and had a bbq with them and some of the elders that were getting transferred.  We were supposed to have a lesson later on that evening with this former investigator but we stopped by early so we could see the elders off at the airport.  
This is my main man Elder Williams just going home.
Well, she wasn’t home but her kids told us to stop by later.  So after the airport we stopped by again, and she totally forgot, so we said we would stop by another time.  As we were walking back a lady in the parking lot stopped us and said that she was looking for her daughter, so we stopped and talked to her for a little while and while we were talking her daughter showed up so that took care of that.  We found out that this lady was actually a member, but very less active.  Anyway her daughter that she was looking for isn’t baptized and she told us to come by and teach her the lessons.  The daughter was all bratty about it but I convinced her that missionaries are cool and that we would do a fun lesson.  Come on, little kids can’t resist missionaries! J  So we go back later on in the week and teach the girl.  She loved the lesson haha.  I could tell that she was trying to act all cool but I could also tell that she liked it because she colored the reminder that we gave her and put it on her fridge and she also put the Book of Mormon on the counter where she would see it when she walked in haha.  Hopefully that will work out and we will be able to see good things come from that.  That was the big miracle of the week for us.  We were able to meet with Nico, the one who is about to move and we stopped by and his wife just randomly asked as we were talking "when can you finish the lessons?"  We told her that we could finish today and she was like "because we need to figure out when he is going to get baptized." haha I was like shouting for joy in my mind.  They wanted to set up a date in April but we got them to hold the baptism this Saturday!!!  Sweet!!!  So we will be having a baptism this Saturday.  Yeah the work is a lot slower over here than anywhere else.  I guess that’s kind of a given if your off the main island.  The work will be slower because there are more locals and not as many people and it’s a lot more laid back.  It’s cool though.  Honestly, I would rather serve off the main island because I love the people a lot more and I just feel more at home.  Except Laie, that place is amazing; I would go back there in a heartbeat if I could.  But yeah, that was pretty much my week. I’m looking forward to this week and what it will bring, and we’re so close to hitting our high water mark.  Oh yeah, funny story: so last Friday we had our first district meeting of the transfer and towards the end of the meeting we were all getting excited about hitting our high water mark.  Well I had the bright idea to jump off one of the chairs.  So I got on a chair and jumped, and hit my head on the roof... DOH!  Everyone was cracking up but it was pretty hilarious - not going to lie. 
P-Day at Spencer Beach Park
Thanks for all the prayers and everything.  I can’t wait to get the spring break pictures!  Love you the most.

Elder Gardner

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Week of Cancelled Lessons

Valentine's Day pictures with the Kona Elders.  Hubba Hubba!

Holy cow another transfer is here!  When I start this next transfer on Wednesday, I will only have 3 transfers left!  Crazy huh?  Sounds like you all kind of had a crazy weekend with all the snow and weather and stuff.  I have to say once again, I sure do not miss the snow at all...  Snow is only good for snowboarding - that’s it.  The pictures that you sent me were pretty sweet!  What Sam did in that video sounds like something I would do with JD and Sterling or something haha - no shame.  That’s cool that you met that guy on the plane dad, I don’t know that Elder that he was talking about though.  Maybe he’s new to the mission?  I don’t really know any of the new missionaries anymore.  You guys drive to the valley so much!  I think in the period of time I've been out on my mission you have all driven to the valley more times than I have in my life.

This week was pretty good, I guess If I could put a title on this week it would be called "The Week of Cancelled Lessons!"  I swear almost every appointment that we had this week cancelled.  The only lessons that we had were with recent converts or less active members.  Not saying that those are bad lessons to teach, but we’re always striving for the “other” lessons or “with member” lessons.  The potential investigators that we found cancelled. Hopefully they will call us or be able to meet with us soon.  Yeah, it’s been a hard transfer teaching and finding potential investigators.  We did have a baptism which was definitely a success.  We’re still working hard and trying our best though.  There are a lot of people that are getting super close to baptism, there are just some minor things that are in the way of them getting baptized and we’re trying to work those out with them.  It comes down to their choice you know?  Our zone is doing great though!  So many miracles have been happening in this zone.  We have 18 with a date right now and we’re a couple off of hitting our high water mark in March, which hasn’t been done in a LONG time in Kona.  How sick would that be if we hit our high water mark for this zone this month making it the 4th area in a row that I’ve had hitting the high water mark for baptisms?  Super tight!!!!!  Elder Tup finishes next month I think around the 24th?  He's not really trunky, surprisingly.  He talks about home but that’s not really surprising since pretty much every missionary talks about home.  I still love this area and the ward, and the zone, even though all my good friends are getting transferred.  That keeps me going a lot of the time - the ward or my mission buddies.  I've heard that Kona has some of the top beaches in the world, so it would be a good place to come back and visit because the weather is always sunny here.  Here’s one story that was pretty cool.  So on Saturday we had a lesson with an eternal investigator named Gordon.  He's a strong Catholic and his wife is a member of our church.  Well, we were talking to Elder Auna (Area Seventy) and he set up a lesson for us to go and teach him.  So Saturday we went with Elder Auna and taught him about the priesthood.  It was a good lesson and I’m glad that Elder Auna was with us because he kind of spearheaded the lesson and answered some hard questions.  So yeah I've been on splits with an Area Seventy! J  But that is pretty much my week.  I know not to much happened and nothing really exciting but I know that there will be great stuff coming up in the future. 

Good luck with the move Hal and Emmi!  I’m sure your way stoked for it.   Thanks for all your support and prayers.  It means a lot.    Elder Mortensen is one of the New AP's now; I knew that he would be AP - he’s solid.  Well, love you all so much and hope you have a bomb week!  Love you the most.

Elder Gardner

Monday, March 4, 2013

Money March

Hello Family,

Sounds like it was a pretty productive week for you all.  It was a pretty good week for me as well, which I will fill you in in just a bit.  Is it still pretty cold there or is it warming up?  I cant believe Ty Johnson is about to come home - that is nuts!  I just barley hit my 18 month mark so I have officially 6 months left or 4 more transfers on the 13th.  This is my guess, I will stay here and send Elder Tup home, and probably stay one more transfer after that as zone leader, then I will only have 3 months left.  So that is my prediction.  I’m stoked to hear how Sam will do in the golf tournament, and for Ben’s baseball because that should be coming up pretty soon right? 

This week was pretty baller.  We found one new investigator this week that seems like there could be some potential.  So on Wednesday I was on exchanges with Elder Garr and we were in my area.  The whole day nothing really had happened and I was kind of bummed, so we tried to go see this less active family that was on our ward list and they weren’t home, so we ended up going to a couple of other people’s houses.  We were able to teach a less active kid named Isaiah and he was way stoked to see us.  He has a sister that isn’t baptized so were going to try and get her to sit in on the next lesson we would teach him, but anyway back to the day.  So right before we had dinner we decided that we would go back to that on less active family that we tried to reach earlier on and guess what, they were home this time!  It was kind of awkward because we go up there and we knock on the door and we could clearly hear someone in there so we kept knocking and saying hello and then a car pulls up and it must of been the brother or something and that made it even more weird because he was just chillin’ in our car as we were waiting on the doorstep.  A couple minutes passed by and were still up there, and finally a girl comes to the door and said she was busy so she couldn’t come right away.  Well long story short, we ended up talking to her and actually found out that she wasn’t baptized.  Her name is Baby and she was explaining to us that she used to go to church but never got baptized.  She asked us if it was too late to be baptized, ha-ha now that is a question I’m sure every missionary wants to hear!  So she said that she wants to take the lessons and we have an appointment with her this Tuesday so I’m hoping and praying that it will still be on!  I know that a lot of good can come from this for sure!  That was kind of my cool story for the week.  The rest of the week was good also.  On Saturday we went to the Kealakekua ward chili cook off/talent show because the missionaries were in the talent show so all of us sang and played “Come Thou Fount” and they had me beat box to it haha.  That was super fun.  I still love this area that I’m in, its way tight even though it’s pretty slow.  The ward is super legit, I know that I say this every time but I love the ward here for sure.  To answer your questions about the zone, there are elders that are closer to the temple then us.  The sisters are also closer to the temple than us.  We’re about 8 minutes away from the temple.  There are 12 elders including me and Tup, and 2 sisters and 4 senior couples.  This month is looking pretty good for the Kona zone.  We have 14 with a date and we’re shooting for 20.  March is a 5-week month so we’re pretty stoked.   

Oh yeah, and the whole snoring thing with the ear plugs didn’t even work at all... The plugs just fell out and even with them in I can still hear it. So I just have a small mattress in the living room that I sleep on every night.  I just lean it on the wall during the day and take it out at night.  It’s a lot better!  I’ve gotten a lot more sleep this past week.  I know that its not the person’s fault for snoring so I try to keep that in mind.  Well that’s about it for me this week, Sounds like you got a lot of cool stuff ahead of you like spring break and what not.  Sam and Ben, be good.  Don’t worry before you know it I’ll be home and we can mega chill!  Love you the most

Elder Gardner