Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Money March

Hello Family,

Sounds like it was a pretty productive week for you all.  It was a pretty good week for me as well, which I will fill you in in just a bit.  Is it still pretty cold there or is it warming up?  I cant believe Ty Johnson is about to come home - that is nuts!  I just barley hit my 18 month mark so I have officially 6 months left or 4 more transfers on the 13th.  This is my guess, I will stay here and send Elder Tup home, and probably stay one more transfer after that as zone leader, then I will only have 3 months left.  So that is my prediction.  I’m stoked to hear how Sam will do in the golf tournament, and for Ben’s baseball because that should be coming up pretty soon right? 

This week was pretty baller.  We found one new investigator this week that seems like there could be some potential.  So on Wednesday I was on exchanges with Elder Garr and we were in my area.  The whole day nothing really had happened and I was kind of bummed, so we tried to go see this less active family that was on our ward list and they weren’t home, so we ended up going to a couple of other people’s houses.  We were able to teach a less active kid named Isaiah and he was way stoked to see us.  He has a sister that isn’t baptized so were going to try and get her to sit in on the next lesson we would teach him, but anyway back to the day.  So right before we had dinner we decided that we would go back to that on less active family that we tried to reach earlier on and guess what, they were home this time!  It was kind of awkward because we go up there and we knock on the door and we could clearly hear someone in there so we kept knocking and saying hello and then a car pulls up and it must of been the brother or something and that made it even more weird because he was just chillin’ in our car as we were waiting on the doorstep.  A couple minutes passed by and were still up there, and finally a girl comes to the door and said she was busy so she couldn’t come right away.  Well long story short, we ended up talking to her and actually found out that she wasn’t baptized.  Her name is Baby and she was explaining to us that she used to go to church but never got baptized.  She asked us if it was too late to be baptized, ha-ha now that is a question I’m sure every missionary wants to hear!  So she said that she wants to take the lessons and we have an appointment with her this Tuesday so I’m hoping and praying that it will still be on!  I know that a lot of good can come from this for sure!  That was kind of my cool story for the week.  The rest of the week was good also.  On Saturday we went to the Kealakekua ward chili cook off/talent show because the missionaries were in the talent show so all of us sang and played “Come Thou Fount” and they had me beat box to it haha.  That was super fun.  I still love this area that I’m in, its way tight even though it’s pretty slow.  The ward is super legit, I know that I say this every time but I love the ward here for sure.  To answer your questions about the zone, there are elders that are closer to the temple then us.  The sisters are also closer to the temple than us.  We’re about 8 minutes away from the temple.  There are 12 elders including me and Tup, and 2 sisters and 4 senior couples.  This month is looking pretty good for the Kona zone.  We have 14 with a date and we’re shooting for 20.  March is a 5-week month so we’re pretty stoked.   

Oh yeah, and the whole snoring thing with the ear plugs didn’t even work at all... The plugs just fell out and even with them in I can still hear it. So I just have a small mattress in the living room that I sleep on every night.  I just lean it on the wall during the day and take it out at night.  It’s a lot better!  I’ve gotten a lot more sleep this past week.  I know that its not the person’s fault for snoring so I try to keep that in mind.  Well that’s about it for me this week, Sounds like you got a lot of cool stuff ahead of you like spring break and what not.  Sam and Ben, be good.  Don’t worry before you know it I’ll be home and we can mega chill!  Love you the most

Elder Gardner

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