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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Week of Cancelled Lessons

Valentine's Day pictures with the Kona Elders.  Hubba Hubba!

Holy cow another transfer is here!  When I start this next transfer on Wednesday, I will only have 3 transfers left!  Crazy huh?  Sounds like you all kind of had a crazy weekend with all the snow and weather and stuff.  I have to say once again, I sure do not miss the snow at all...  Snow is only good for snowboarding - that’s it.  The pictures that you sent me were pretty sweet!  What Sam did in that video sounds like something I would do with JD and Sterling or something haha - no shame.  That’s cool that you met that guy on the plane dad, I don’t know that Elder that he was talking about though.  Maybe he’s new to the mission?  I don’t really know any of the new missionaries anymore.  You guys drive to the valley so much!  I think in the period of time I've been out on my mission you have all driven to the valley more times than I have in my life.

This week was pretty good, I guess If I could put a title on this week it would be called "The Week of Cancelled Lessons!"  I swear almost every appointment that we had this week cancelled.  The only lessons that we had were with recent converts or less active members.  Not saying that those are bad lessons to teach, but we’re always striving for the “other” lessons or “with member” lessons.  The potential investigators that we found cancelled. Hopefully they will call us or be able to meet with us soon.  Yeah, it’s been a hard transfer teaching and finding potential investigators.  We did have a baptism which was definitely a success.  We’re still working hard and trying our best though.  There are a lot of people that are getting super close to baptism, there are just some minor things that are in the way of them getting baptized and we’re trying to work those out with them.  It comes down to their choice you know?  Our zone is doing great though!  So many miracles have been happening in this zone.  We have 18 with a date right now and we’re a couple off of hitting our high water mark in March, which hasn’t been done in a LONG time in Kona.  How sick would that be if we hit our high water mark for this zone this month making it the 4th area in a row that I’ve had hitting the high water mark for baptisms?  Super tight!!!!!  Elder Tup finishes next month I think around the 24th?  He's not really trunky, surprisingly.  He talks about home but that’s not really surprising since pretty much every missionary talks about home.  I still love this area and the ward, and the zone, even though all my good friends are getting transferred.  That keeps me going a lot of the time - the ward or my mission buddies.  I've heard that Kona has some of the top beaches in the world, so it would be a good place to come back and visit because the weather is always sunny here.  Here’s one story that was pretty cool.  So on Saturday we had a lesson with an eternal investigator named Gordon.  He's a strong Catholic and his wife is a member of our church.  Well, we were talking to Elder Auna (Area Seventy) and he set up a lesson for us to go and teach him.  So Saturday we went with Elder Auna and taught him about the priesthood.  It was a good lesson and I’m glad that Elder Auna was with us because he kind of spearheaded the lesson and answered some hard questions.  So yeah I've been on splits with an Area Seventy! J  But that is pretty much my week.  I know not to much happened and nothing really exciting but I know that there will be great stuff coming up in the future. 

Good luck with the move Hal and Emmi!  I’m sure your way stoked for it.   Thanks for all your support and prayers.  It means a lot.    Elder Mortensen is one of the New AP's now; I knew that he would be AP - he’s solid.  Well, love you all so much and hope you have a bomb week!  Love you the most.

Elder Gardner

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