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Monday, March 25, 2013

What Did the Farmer Say When He Lost His Tractor?

Where’s my tractor?

Happy Spring Break!  Hope everything is going great, because it’s going good over here.  This week was pretty crazy because I’ve been sick this whole week and a lot of stuff happened which I will go into detail about shortly.  Man, Joey already got his mission call?!?!  That’s soooooooooo sick!  Chile sounds sweet.  Somehow that totally fits him.  I can picture Joey speaking Spanish.  It makes me wonder about Sam and Ben and when they will get their mission calls.  Will they continue the tradition of serving in the states like dad and me, or will one of them get a foreign mission?  I can’t wait for them to get their mission calls, which will be awesome!  Glad to hear its warming up.  It’s still the same temperature here just like it’s always been, never changing haha.  There was a lot of vog this week and that is definitely not good for you.  I think that could be part of the reason I’m still sick, but it’s all good, it won’t last forever... I hope.
At Zone Leader's Conference with President Dalton, me, Elder Makalio, Elder Tup
So yeah, this week was pretty crazy.  As you know I had Zone Leader Conference on Monday and I think that’s where I got sick.  I slept over at the Assistant’s pad and their pad is nasty!  I’m pretty sure there is mold in there because I’m not the only one that’s gotten sick from that pad.  Tuesday was our p-day and I got to skate a little which was fun, I was a little sloppy joe because I haven’t really skated since I was with Elder Mortensen.  
Yeah Booii!  Tearin' it up with Elder Mortensen
Wednesday was pretty normal.  Thursday I tried to rest a little because I was still sick and my companion really wanted to keep working and I don’t really think he understood that I was sick... One thing that was good is we went to the chapel because I heard that Waiehu Ward was going to be there from Maui to go to the temple so we showed up and it was perfect timing because they were all in the gym eating and I got to see all of them again.  They all remembered me and man, that was like the best being able to reunite with them again.  Friday we had zone conference.  That was pretty cool.  I always like zone conference because I get to see a lot of the elders I know and the Assistants and the Mission President and his wife come and we just have a conference the whole day pretty much.  I was sick during that too so I was kind of struggling through it.  It was cool because we had zone conference in Waimea in the same chapel that I had my first zone conference of my mission when I was in Hilo.  So it kind of brought back some memories.  After zone conference we had the office assistants come with us.  Elder Mortensen and Melville.  Both of those elders I came out with.  So they hung out with us the rest of the night and were with us the whole day on Saturday until their flight.  Saturday was good we had our baptism!!  It was really good.
Nico's baptism.  Nico is standing closest to me.
Nico is way solid but it’s kind of sad because he's moving to St. George on the 15th, so I won’t be able to see him again or teach him.  It was a really good baptism though.  It was fun going with the assistants especially Elder Mortensen again. 

So here’s some good news: I was talking to one of the sisters in Hilo that cover Kilauea ward - one of the wards I started in and I was asking about some of the people that Elder Ahotau and I were teaching and they ended up baptizing one of the guys that Elder Ahotau and I tracted into!  And he just barely got the priesthood!!!  How cool is that?  Also, I was talking to Elder La who is in Waiehu, my old area in Maui, and I was asking about Peter the guy that Elder Carrel and I baptized and turns out that he moved to the singles branch and has blessed the sacrament a couple of times in that ward and is thinking about going on a mission!!!  That makes me soooo happy; I love hearing good news like that.  So yeah, that’s pretty much my week.  It was a good one except for being sick... 
Me and Elder J Money, I have no idea why we are kneeling down
Well love you the most and hope you have a good week! 

Elder Gardner

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