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Monday, April 15, 2013

Life's Good in the Hood Baby!

How’s it?!

So, the reason for my email title is the other day it was Elder Buckley’s birthday and we were eating at this super bomb place called Splashers.  As we were sitting down waiting for our food, some tourists came up and they sat at the table next to ours and the wife said to the husband "Life is good in the hood baby!"  It was just one of those moments where everyone at the table just looks at each other with the "okayyyy..." expression and acts like nothing happened.  It was super funny.  But yeah Aug. 7th – I’m pretty stoked and I feel good about it.  So I’m not completely certain about the travel plans but I might be flying on the 7th and not get home till early morning on the 8th and I put Sky Harbor as my airport that I’ll fly into.  As for what we can do when I get home, well first we can go to the temple together then just get me to somewhere where I can go swimming!  I want to go swimming so bad!  Other than that anything is good for me. 
Over here in Hawaii, there are many tasty things that we can't get on the mainland.  This is the best ice cream on the planet!!!
This week was pretty good.  Elder Tup is still holding up strong.  I give him a lot of credit because he goes home in a week and he's still trying to finish strong.  Let me tell you, and I’m sure Dad and Hal can probably testify to this, that when it get down towards the end of your mission its a lot harder to focus, But you gotta do what you gotta do and just grab a straw and suck it up.  We are still teaching the Chartrand family.  I love that family a lot.  We taught them the Restoration last week and it went great!  I asked the dad about setting a date with Talea and he said yeah probably the next time we come over we can figure a date out or something.  Yes!  I always look forward to going to their house.  We are still trying to work with some of our other investigators but they are kind of flakey... Right now our most solid investigators are Talea and Sheri. 

So this was pretty cool, I got an email from the assistants who was told by president to forward an email to me from Barbara Davis (Sheri Hanai’s mom) and I’ll just copy and paste it real quick for you to read:

President Dalton,
I wish to commend these young men for their devotion and work with my daughter Sharron Franken.  I am a new member of the Church, having been baptized in September of last year.  My daughter and her husband were great supporters for me in my conversion.  Unfortunately in October Sherri lost her husband to a sudden heart attack and has been under great stress and emotion since that time.  Shortly after his death Sherri began attending Church with me and started weekly visits with the two Elders.  Prior to Wednesday April 3, she seemed to be missing some of their words and had expressed to me that going to Church only impressed upon her how she was “so alone” and without family.  In all her 41 years of marriage it is true that she and her husband really did do everything together, including doctor visits.  That Wednesday the Elders brought a film  “The Testament” – which covered Jesus’s return both in the Holy land and in the Americas.  The film was one hour long and yet following the film the most marvelous thing happened.  My daughter opened up to the Elders (and Sister Joyal Gaspar who was also present) and spoke at length on her feelings and unhappiness.  All of this was after the Elders had merely asked what her thoughts were regarding the film.  During nearly 2 hours more the conversation covered how she had not been able to mourn her husband and how apart she felt.  Both young men read scriptures to her and continued to talk with her on the path of salvation and the ultimate reunion with her husband. It was really marvelous to behold.  The glow on the Elders’ faces, their own happiness showing through at this breakthrough with Sherri. Again, I cannot commend these young men more and express my love and appreciation for them.   I see my daughter more content than before and I know in the coming months she will receive more and more help and love as she continues to meet with these missionaries (except as they move on and are replaced) and will eventually come to be converted.   But in the interim I am so thankful for all that they are doing. 
Sister Barbara Davis

That made me feel pretty good when I read that :)  Also, our ward mission leader, Bro. Ahuna brought this family to church yesterday that own this super bomb Thai restaurant and we are going to teach them tonight!  I hope and pray that it will go well!  Other than the massive 1st birthday party that we went to for our member’s granddaughter on Saturday that’s about all the highlights of my week.  It was a good one.  I mean I could of had someone throw up on me while camping... oh wait... haha but yeah cant complain really.  As for a package it doesn’t really matter.  I could use some basketball shorts if you can. 

Well love you all the most!  Have a good one

Elder Gardner

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