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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hole in One


How’s everything going?  I can’t believe school is already winding down and summer is coming up hot!  Sounds as though baseball is doing good for Ben, and I’m sure Sam is stoked to be able to go golfing all summer.  That’s super cool to hear about Joey and his pitching so well in the state championship baseball game.  What a cool way to end your high school baseball career!  What a stud!  I can’t wait for Gia to get her mission call, its going to be interesting to see where she goes.  I could see her going east coast for some reason, like New York maybe.  Seems like everyone is growing up in our family and moving on with life, so cool. 
Lia's baptism
Lia's baptism
Talea's baptism with her family
So this week was pretty awesome.  Both of our baptisms happened and went through.  They both had a really good turn out and they were both pretty spiritual.  I was so happy for Lia, and Talea.  They both seemed so happy, and that’s what matters.  We were actually able to find a new investigator this week.  We had dinner on Thursday with the Apolos and they wanted to introduce us to their non-member auntie.  So we were able to meet with her and talk to her about church and the Book of Mormon and stuff.  Apparently she has already come to church before and she really liked it, so it was easy to talk with her.  She seems pretty solid and she even came to church on Sunday, which was super cool.  So we'll see how things turn out with this.  The work really seems to be moving right now here in Kona.  I’ve never seen so much potential in one area in my mission.  It’s pretty solid potential too.  I’m excited to see how things start to roll out this summer and all the new people we will try to start teaching.  The Ounyoungs are solid!  They came to both of our baptisms that we had this past week and they brought food to both of them haha.  I swear those are the most solid converts I've ever had my whole mission!  I swear Sam is going to be a bishop one day.  I was telling them about you guys and how we are probably going to visit Hawaii this Christmas break and they seemed pretty excited to meet you guys so I’m sure that we'll have a good time.  

Ok so the reason for my email title:  This is a super funny story and It actually happened today.  So Me, Elder Melville, Elder Bowlby, and Elder Richards went golfing at Hapuna golf course for p-day today because some member hooked us up, it was pretty dope, and it was on a super nice course that is regularly $200+ a round.  So we’re golfing and we come up to a hole that is a par 3.  I hit the ball and it lands on the green and it doesn’t really land that close to the hole, and Elder Bowlby just starts screaming and cheering for me and starts yelling "HOLE IN ONE!"  "YES, YOUR FIRST HOLE IN ONE!"  So the party in front of us stop golfing and start clapping for me and congratulating me on hitting a "hole in one" and I just go pretend to pull the ball out of the hole and hold it up like its a trophy or something, it was super hilarious.  After the 18th hole we saw the people who were in front of us and they were all Asian, and they came up to me and start shaking my hand and congratulating me on my hole in one, and I just told them that it was luck and I’m just out here to have fun.  They asked me how old I was and I said 20 and they were just so amazed how young I was.  It was super funny!  My score was actually 84 but with the "Hole in one" it would have been an 82.  
Golfing at Hapuna Golf Course with Elder Bowlby, Elder Melville and Elder Richards
The golf scorecard showing the "Hole in One"
I’m excited to hear all the experiences from EFY, St. George trips, work and baseball that are coming up these next couple of weeks.  I can’t believe that Sam is already going to EFY again.  It honestly seems like he was just there a couple of weeks ago.  So crazy!  That’s so weird that Blue Ridge is switching to that new schedule.  I’m kind of glad that I never had to do that.  Well, that about does it for me this week.  Hope you all have a good one and I'll hear from you soon!  Love you the most

Elder Gardner

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