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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Going to Steal Your Birthday Stuff...

So, it sounds like this past week was pretty full of awesome things.  I really enjoyed reading all your emails and getting updated on all the stuff that’s been happening lately.  I don’t even know where to begin.  So Knoxville, Tennessee?  That’s pretty awesome!  I know that Gia will love it out there for sure.  Happy late birthday to you Ben!  Just to let you know that while you were enjoying you b-day bringing in the dough I was mowing a huge lawn!  It was cool though, I actually enjoyed it, and I kind of miss mowing the lawn haha.  I miss St. George, and I can’t wait to go back again, it will be cool.  So it says that I will leave Honolulu at 10 PM?  I was talking to Elder Melville and all the other elders that go home mid transfer with me and they all leave at 8 AM on the 7th.  I wonder if that is just the easiest way with how all the flights line up or something.  
Elder Hudson.  This is the last time I will see this kid on the mission.  He goes home in a week.
This week was pretty bomb!  So Auntie Darleen the investigator that I was telling you about - we were able to visit her this past Thursday and we taught her the Restoration.  It was awesome!  We talked about baptism and we asked her if she would be baptized and she said yes!  So we’re going over there tonight and we’re going to set a date, hopefully for June 15th!  I’m pretty stoked about that.  I feel like Heavenly Father is really blessing me right now especially since it’s coming up towards the end of my mission.  I don’t know if its like a "Thank you for serving, here take this miracle"  type of thing going on, but we've been seeing a ton of miracles.  
This was at our MLC in Oahu
So here’s a pretty cool miracle for you that happened yesterday:  so yesterday was Mission Leader Conference.  So we were in Oahu the majority of the day.  When we came back we had dinner with Lia (Recent convert) at the Hao's.  After dinner we met up with sister Brown who took us to one of her non-member friend’s house so we could giver her a blessing.  The friend I guess had hurt her back pretty bad and she was leaving to Alaska today so last night we gave her a blessing.  It was really cool and the lady really enjoyed it!  That will probably be a good potential when she gets back from Alaska.  Ok so now to the pinnacle of the story.  Right after we gave that blessing we got a call from bishop asking if we could stop by this sister’s house in our area that needed a blessing.  I had no idea who this sister was so we got the address from bishop and stopped by.  We showed up and I kind of had a weird feeling about the whole thing at first.  It was a part member family that had just moved to Kona from Oregon.  The mom (Angelas) is a less active and the dad and two kids are non-members.  Well, she proceeds to unload this story on us how one of her friends a while ago got into all this devil worship stuff and it was a mess so she kind of stayed away from that friend.  Well I guess they started talking a couple years ago when they were in Oregon, and the devil lady was trying to hook up her kids with Angela’s kids and it got pretty bad and a lot of bad things were happening.  I truly believe that God works in mysterious ways because as this was all happening the dad got a job offer to come work in Hawaii, and he took it.  They were living in Hilo for a couple of months but couldn’t handle it so they moved to Kona.  Well long story short, the mom was looking to bring the Gospel back into not only her life but her family's lives as well.  We blessed the house and everyone felt way better and the whole family wants to come to church and start reading the scriptures!  So we’re going to try and baptize the family in June!  We are meeting with them again tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes next week.  
Things are really going good right now here in Kona, which is good because it sure does make time go by a lot faster when you are busy and you have people to teach and baptize.  I can’t believe that I have about 2 months left... That just blows my mind.  That’s pretty crazy that I'll be giving my homecoming the same day Jacob is giving his farewell.  Sounds like there will be plenty people there.  It’s almost time for me to register for classes.  Well that’s about it for me this week.  Thanks for the pictures they were pretty bomb!  Shoots!  
Love you the most

Elder Gardner

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