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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dying Testimony

So the Internet is still down at the family history center... It’s really starting to annoy me because we actually use the computer for a lot of things like Sunday night numbers, Tuesday noons, and emails.  They said it probably wouldn’t be fixed for a while... Typical Hawaii for ya.  So I’m emailing you from a member’s house.  Sounds like you all had a pretty awesome week!  That’s super cool to hear.  A bunch of new and exciting things happening like Dad’s new machine, Sam’s job, Ben’s scooter sessions.  Sounds awesome!  I can’t believe that Joey already gave his farewell.  So crazy!  I won’t be able to see him for days!  

This week was pretty bomb!  The beginning of this week was kind of slow just because we had to finish up the video that we we’re going to present to President Dalton at our last zone conference.  We made it on sister Gasbar’s Mac book pro.  Those things are so nice!  I really want to get one for school, those things are dope!  
Last Zone Conference with President and Sister Dalton.
So, zone conference was on Friday, that was pretty crazy.  I totally forgot that I was giving my dying testimony.  That’s the testimony you give at your last zone conference.  It was pretty special because I gave my greenie testimony in the same building 2 years ago that I gave my dying testimony in on Friday.  I also was able to give it with Elder Melville, Bowlby, Carrel, and a couple other close buddies that I’ve made on my mission.  President and Sister Dalton also gave their dying testimonies as well because it’s their last one also.  I honestly love President and Sister Dalton so much.  They have been my parents over here in Hawaii.  They have been a great example to me and I respect them so much.  It’s really going to be sad to see them go.  The new mission president seems pretty legit.  He’s like the vice president of the U or something.  
Last Zone Conference with Elders that I came out with:  l to r  - Elder Makalio, Elder Mortensen, me, Elder Carrel, and Elder Melville.
So, about Melville and I, what they will do is bring a missionary up with us for our final 3 weeks and then we both leave and the other missionary will stay in this area and the mission office will send another missionary to be with him.  I feel bad for the missionary that will be in a threesome with us.  He has to take over this area in only three weeks and deal with all the goodbyes and aloha oe's and stuff that Elder Melville and I will be going through.  
Auntie Darlene's baptism
Auntie Darlene’s baptism was a success!  She was soooo happy!  That was really cool to see.  It was a really good baptism.  I had the privilege of confirming her on Sunday.  We’re still searching and trying to squeeze a couple more baptisms in before the end.  I really want to try and get a couple more.  We have a few that could.  The Herrera’s are still coming a long and the new investigators that we found the other week are good, we still have some work to do with them though.  All in all I’m happy and things are great so I cant really complain.  

Today I was able to go golfing again!  Yes!  It’s always such a bonus when I get to go golfing on P-days.  I love it so much.  I didn’t play to well today but I did get a legit clean birdie on one of the holes.  Tigah for birdie!  So you asked me what I wanted for my b day?  Just a set of clubs and I'll be the happiest guy in the world.  Registration for classes also went very well.  I was able to sign up for most of the classes that the counselor recommended.  I signed up for Book of Mormon, English, a cultural awareness class, Intro to business, and a Swimming class!!  Heck ya!  All the golf, basketball, volleyball classes were full.  I got lucky and snagged a spot in the swimming class.  I checked my FAFSA thing on BYUI and it says its still awaiting.  So hopefully it will go through.  There are two more classes that I need to sign up for, Math, and Science.  All my classes are foundation classes so they are ones that are required except for of course the swimming, and business.  I’m pretty stoked for the remainder of this year.  It will be one that is full of excitement, learning, and great times.  I’m stoked!  Well that’s about it for me this week.  Great to hear from you all.  Love you the most!

Elder Gardner

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