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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh Hey!

How’s it going?!

Man, is it really 45 more days?  That’s super crazy!  We are already on week four of this transfer so that means 2 1/2 more weeks left of this transfer and then another 3 1/2 weeks after that.  Wow, so crazy!  Man, our backyard looks so dope I can’t even believe it.  I’m pretty excited to see all the new changes on the house and yard.    I can’t believe you are going to Lake Powell AGAIN!  That’s like 3 times since I’ve been gone... I don’t even know what to say.  Nah, nah, it’s cool though.   
Elder Melville, Elder Carrel and myself
This week was pretty good.  It was actually a lot slower than most of the weeks that Elder Melville and I have had since we've been together.  I don’t know what’s going on maybe we've just baptized everyone.  We’re still working with Dave and Angela.  Dave has a couple of concerns about Priesthood, the Apostasy, and Prophets, but he’s still willing to learn and try this all out.  I’m just really hoping and praying that something will click and he'll receive an answer.  We go over there about twice a week so we’re definitely keeping good contact with them.  Auntie Darlene is doing great, she is solid, and has goals to get to the temple!  The Ounyoungs are golden!  We go over there once a week.  I know that I always say this but I just love them so much!  We are going to help them with their roof this Saturday.  Sam has the Aaronic priesthood now and has already been home teaching and given the sacrament to shut ins.  Last time we were over there we were talking about how next summer they are going to try and make a trip to the main land, rent an RV and they are going to come down to Arizona and see us.  I told them that they could stay with us at our house and that the girls could sleep with Ted, and Jojo.  The girls just about died when I told them, they were so excited!  By the way mom, can you send me a copy of your most delicious pasta recipe?  I told the Ounyoungs I would ask because they love pasta and I told them I had pasta probably 3 times a week back at home haha.  We are still on the search for some new investigators.  I don’t want to give up yet there is still some more work to be done.  We actually found 2 new investigators yesterday during dinner.  They weren’t very solid, but the family that had us for dinner invited them and not going to lie it was pretty awkward.  Not a silence awkward, but the family and the lady they invited were like arguing/joking the whole time.  The spirit was totally gone and I don’t think they took our lesson very seriously.  You can tell when people are elect and not.  That was pretty much my week in a nutshell.  
This is President Dalton back in High School.  One of our investigators went to the same high school as him and pulled this out for us.  We had a good laugh about this one.
That broadcast was legit!  We could only stay for the first hour because we had to head off to dinner, but the hour that we caught was awesome.  Crazy to see how the work is moving forward and how everyone is catching the wave.  Super awesome!  By the time Sam and Ben are out on their missions they will probably be using Ipads, Facebook, and Texting.  We don’t have any of that stuff right now.  Guaranteed if this mission had texting our baptisms would increase by a lot!  Just saying.  As for BYUI, I should be registered for all my classes by Thursday.  I only need to sign up for 2 more classes and I should be good.  I’m super stoked that I got that swimming class.  I lucked out on that one for sure!  It’s kind of scary when I log in to BYUI and I check the finances page it says I owe $2000... That’s kind of scary.  It also says that the parent taxes and all that stuff are still waiting.  I’m not sure when that stuff will be able to be processed in to the system but I’m hoping its soon!  I heard the Heat took the Championship again.  I would rather it be them then the Spurs.  I’m just not the biggest fan of the Spurs.  We went longboarding again today for p-day that was super fun!  Well that will probably do it for me this week.  Hope everything goes great with work, surgeries, summer fun and all that good stuff.  Love you guys the most!  Shoots!

Elder Gardner

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