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Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shreddin the Gnar

Sorry I wasn’t able to email yesterday, sometimes the family history centers Internet doesn’t work. It seems like in never works on the days that we really need to use it.  Especially with me needing to register for classes tomorrow!  So, I’m sitting in the Kona Business Center and emailing you from a little cubicle office thing.  Sounds like everyone had a pretty bomb week!  So the Youth Conference was a hit?  Nice!  What did Hank Smith talk about?  How was camping in the backyard?  I was just talking about it with Elder Melville this morning how we can’t wait to just hang out and cruise with our families!  It’s going to be so fun. 
District Meeting
This past week was really good.  Auntie Darleen is still super stoked for her baptism this Saturday.  We have a lesson and baptism interview with her tonight.  I'll have updates on how the baptism went for you next Monday.  The Herrera family is still doing pretty good.  The kids are in Oregon now and we have just been teaching the parents.  They are still coming along and they are still going to church so that’s good.  Dave is still trying to study it out and still has questions about a lot of stuff but he's coming along.  We found 2 new investigators this week so that was pretty cool.  So we stopped by this part member family that we found on the ward list and we talked to the daughter who is 17 and she seemed pretty interested.  Her name is Baby.  So we set up a lesson for this past Tuesday.  Well, she texted us and asked if we could meet on Wednesday instead.  So we stopped by on Wednesday and no one is home... Go figure.  So we call her up and she said that she was at her friend’s house that is just up the street and she told us to come up and teach both of them.  So we go up and teach both of them and they actually seemed pretty interested and they were telling us how they really wanted to come to church!  They didn’t end up coming to church on Sunday but no worries we'll get them.  We’re going to try and contact them this week. 
Finding our inner feminine side with Elder Dahl
So here’s a funny story, on Wednesday night we were getting ready for bed and I was already laying in bed and Elder Melville grabs his blanket and starts shaking it out... (I have no idea why)  Well, since he is really tall the blanket caught the fan and ripped it right out of the ceiling!  The mount that it was in just broke in half so it was just hanging by the wires.  The next morning we had to go to Home Depot and grab the new mount part and come back and fix it.  I had to climb up in the attic and take the old one out and replace the new one.  That was crazy!  It was kind of like Extreme Makeover fan edition.  Our zone isn’t doing so hot right now.  I don’t know what’s going on but it was nothing like it was in May.  Hopefully we can get the fire back again. 

Oh man, I was laughing when I read that dad got called as the ward mission leader.  Not saying you won’t do a good job, I’m sure that you'll rock it but I guess I just can’t really picture you as the ward mission leader.  I guess I’m so used to you working with the young men, and all the youth and stuff.  Hahaha oh man that’s awesome!  I'll help you out if you want when I get back home.  I can’t believe that I’m going to be registering for classes tomorrow!  Time is winding down pretty quick.  I’m trying my best to stay focused but not going to lie it gets pretty dang hard sometimes.  Well that’s about it for me this week.  We have zone conference coming up on Friday and that will be our last zone conference ever with President Dalton.  He goes home June 30th.  Well love you all so much, hope you have a great week.  Love you the most.

Elder Gardner

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