Elder Beau Gardner -
Hawaii Honolulu Mission, August 2011 - 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Baptize Me Maybe

This is Pololu hike.  It's super sick!  Second time we've done it.
Man, those pictures you sent me were sick!  I wish that I could have been at Lake Powell so bad.  You guys are so lucky!  Lake Powell and Hawaii are my two favorite places on Earth.  Period.  Sounds like everyone is doing great just soaking in these last couple of weeks right before its time to start using your Mandula and sitting in school class.  I’m stoked to see everyone when I get home its going to be awesome!  I really don’t care who stays at the house the more the better.  If I could make one suggestion though, you said that your going to have a Mexican dinner, and it would be amazing if you could add fish tacos to the menu. Then life would be complete!

It’s still kicking over here in Kona.  It’s starting to creep in more and more that I come home in 4 weeks.  I honestly never thought this day would be here.  I think back on the beginning of my mission and it honestly feels like a dream.  Which is really sad because I want to remember it, but it’s gone by so fast.  Good thing I have kept a journal my whole mission.  So this week was all right.  We didn’t get too much done because I swear we were always busy with something else. Monday was MLC and Tuesday was our p-day. Thursday was the 4th, and Saturday we went to the other missionary’s baptisms.  We were supposed to have a lesson with Darren but he had to cancel.  He was one of the guys that we were going to commit to baptism.  He's working down south so hopefully we can still teach him on weekends or something.  We have a lesson with Kekai this Saturday and we’re just going to commit him on Saturday for a date.  Can’t be wasting any time out here, right?  There is still potential out here so we’re just going to go until the end.  So what is going to happen with us at this transfer in a week (17th) we will have another zone leader come and be with us.  We will be in a threesome for 3 weeks and then Melville and I will leave and they will bring another zone leader to be with the third guy once we leave.  So it’s not a complete white wash just kind of half of one.  Elder Carrel is the traveling AP so he is all over the place that is why he is in a bunch of my pictures.  The 4th of July was a bang!  It was so fun.  In the morning we had a ward pancake breakfast.  Ok, so I just realized something.  Every ward must do a pancake breakfast or something.  I thought it was just a Lakesidy thing but I guess they do it over here also.  So after the breakfast we headed down to Milolii (last fishing village in Hawaii).  We had to do a couple of baptism interviews for the Ke'ei Elders.  That was cool.  After that, we longboarded for a bit, then we hit up the 4th of July Parade and that was cool but very short, and finally finished it off with some fireworks.  The fireworks are sooo short over here it only lasted 7 minutes!  It was still very fun.  I’m just really hoping that we can baptize a couple more people before we leave.  How sick would that be to have a baptism my last Saturday on the mission?  I’m sooo down!   That’s kind of it for me this week.
Me and Elder Bowlby
All three of us are dying together (going home) in a few weeks!
So for school I know that I will for sure be rooming with Carson, Elder Dahl, and Elder Bowlby.  I’m sooo excited to room with all of them.  We already told each other that we have to be serious with the whole school thing, so we are going to hold each other accountable, and no getting crazy on the weekdays only on weekends.  Work hard play hard.  I can’t wait to see Brett again. Tell him we are going to mega freakin’ chill when I get home!  I've thought about soccer and I might try out for the competitive soccer again, I’m just going to play it by ear and see how things turn out.  I still have to find a job when I get to school and I can’t have all my time taken up.  Well love you the most!  See you in quatro weeks

Elder Gardner
Elder Buck - Nasty!

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  1. lol its was amazing but at least you have been baptism.

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